Human trafficking

Human trafficking and sex slavery is heavily linked to pornography. There are countless stories of girls being coerced into having sex behind the camera. Fake modeling advertisements are used to lure teen girls (many under eighteen) across state lines only to realize too late that the job is having sex in front of a camera. The U.S State Department reported in 2014 that there were over 2,000 internet sites on child rape and torture sourced in the Unites States. With pornography growing in epic proportions and fueling the growth of prostitution, the demand translates to a billion-dollar industry for pimps and porn producers who are willing to do anything—including selling young girls into sex slavery—for profit. In 2012, the International Labour Organization estimated that there were nearly twenty-one million human/sex trafficking victims worldwide. The National Human Trafficking resource center reports that sex trafficking is a $150 billion industry. 

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