Destroys Love and relationships

Consuming porn is purely an act of self-gratification. The neuroscience of porn tells us that the neural pathways of the brain become rewritten with repeated exposure to pornography—in such a way that it attempts to bond to images on the screen or inanimate objects. This trains the brain to see women (or men) as objects rather than people. The brain sees body parts, not a person. The naturally designed act of sex is to completely give of oneself to another. This emptying of self (to a spouse, ideally) creates an intimate bond and union between the two people (the neuroscience behind this is explained in chapter 8, “Your Brain on Porn”). This bond is necessary for a lasting and healthy relationship. Even watching porn with your spouse is damaging, as it connects an erotic image or scene on a screen—a self-gratifying experience—directly to your partner and by doing so trains your brain to see your partner as an object for your enjoyment. Even though unintentional, this is a violation of human dignity and is a form of slavery. 

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