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About Restoring God's Foundation


Restoring God's Foundation is unlike any other program in existence. Built on the small group experience, Restoring God's Foundation's results are founded on the mandatory need for transparency and vulnerability in order to bring authentic and lasting freedom. Healing cannot happen in a static environment like an internet based or remote program. The program builds strength by being face to face with brothers in Christ.

Restoring God's Foundation incorporates practical steps for behavioral change, educates members on the addiction, provides guided healing of the brokenness that is at the root of the addiction and implements the Sacraments of the Church for a full and in-depth path to freedom.

Restoring God's Foundation was developed by fellow porn and sex addicts with a successful history of recovery, addiction counselors, and with continuous consultation of clergy. This program has a proven track record of success.

In addition to the program being currently used in churches and men's groups around the country, a Seminary in Denver has adopted the program for use with its Seminarians.

Restoring God’s Foundationmaterials come complete with facilitator training manual and guide with step by step instructions, a participant handbook, and weekly lessons on establishing a foundation for recovery, education on authentic sexuality and personal healing. Program registrants have free lifetime access to materials being continually developed, online video and lesson materials, and direct access to development staff for questions and assistance. 

Program Cost $400

Includes 1 Facilitator Guide

5 Participant Handbooks

Lifetime account access for one organization to current program materials, future video aids,and future developed lessons and materials at no additional cost. Multiple groups can operate under a single organization at a lesser cost. Contact us for details. 

Lesson Outline

Phase 1: Getting Stable

Week 1: Program Introduction 

Week 2: Where do I start?

Week 3: Why am I doing this? 

Week 4: Setting Boundaries

Week 5: Accountability and Sponsors Week 

Week 6: Cycle of Addiction

Week 7: Exit Strategies

Week 8: Self-Awareness, a journey towards healing Week 

Week 9: Sacraments are the cornerstone of Grace 

Week 10: Our Blessed Mother in our Battle for purity

Week 11:Cost/Benefit Exercise - Understanding the big picture of my behavior

Phase 2: Education

Week 12: God’s Plan for Sexuality 

Week 13: What is Intimacy

Week 14: Biology and Chemistry of sex 

Week 15: How porn damages us

Week 16: Know your enemy

Phase 3: Healing

Week 17 Cleansing of Sin and Fellowship with God 

Week 18: River under the River

Week 19: The Shame that Binds me 

Week 20: Triggers and early warning signs 

Week 21: 3-I’s (Part 1)– What is it?

Week 22: 3-I’s (Part 2)– How it works

Week 23: True intimacy and Re-writing your neural pathways 

Week 24: Battle Train - Advanced addiction cycle

Week 25: Identity Part 1

Week 26: Identity Part 2

Week 27: Sources of wounds (mother/father) 

Week 28: Affirmation and Denial

Week 29: The fine line between Lust and Love 

Week 30: What does it mean to be a real man?

Week 31: Resolution of woundedness / transforming pain 

Week 32: Transformation in Christ meditation audio exercise 

Week 33: Forgiveness

Week 34: Being accountable / making amends

Week 35: When will I be normal? Where do we go from here?

Note: Materials are for Phase 1 & 2. 

Phase 3 is in the form of downloads from the Road to Purity website. 

Printed books of Phase 3 are available upon request

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