Bonus material

Thank you for completing the Getting Free program on the Road to Purity website.  

As stated in the introduction and throughout the program, there is significant material that we still have to offer to help you in your recovery. First and foremost, a 40 day journal to help you identify strongholds, areas that need work and assistance in monitoring your progress. The 40 Days to Freedom; Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity contains multiple chapters and exercises that re not contained in the program on our website. Just a few items that are also in the 40 Days to Freedom book are: 

  • Exercises to help you develop boundaries
  • Exercises to help develop your own exit strategies
  • The 3-I's - complete chapter on understanding the process of addiction, the battle and underlying battles
  • Why 40 Days is the key to success
  • Guide to creating goals specifically for you and your recovery
  • Over 100 scripture verses to aid in the battle
  • Meditation suggestions
  • Helpful Prayers
  • Daily scripture and meditation guides
  • Presentation on how forgiveness and how it may be the key to your recovery
  • How to implement fasting
  • and so much more....

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